Credit Card Travel Insurance

Will My Card Cover My Travel’s? If you decline travel insurance because you already have coverage through your credit card or employee group benefits, you don’t have the level of coverage that you think you do: Does the coverage meet your trip needs? What’s the maximum amount of travel insurance coverage? Do you need to book your […]

Provincial Health Plan Coverage While Traveling

Does Your Provincial Health Plan Cover You? Often, people assume their provincial health plan covers them for accidents or medical emergencies while traveling out of country. Little do they know that provincial health plans regularly cover less than 10% of all costs!   Did you know… A one-night stay in a US hospital costs an average of[…..]

Employment Insurance Premium Rate Change for 2019, reduction in EI premiums can be used to fund RSP?

While the rate is going down this might be an opportunity to use the reduction to fund an RRSP vs taking increases on your pay and getting taxed on that amount! September 13, 2018 – Gatineau, Quebec – Government of Canada Today, the Honourable Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance, and the Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families,[…..]

Demography influencing inflation and interest rates

The fertility rate in industrialized countries dropped in the early 1970’s, while at the same time, life expectancy increased steadily. As a result, there are fewer working-age people to support the dependent consumer portion of the population, those under age 15 and over the age of 65. This shift in balance between those who produce and those[…..]